Monday, June 10, 2013

MONITOR your health

Sorry I have been gone so long! Gesh, feels like forever. So, I have had a lot going on.  Let's discuss...

So, like three weeks ago I passed out twice in one morning before Crossfit.  I called the doctor because at the time I was on Chantix.  Did I ever mention that just 2 months ago I was a pack a day smoker?  Yeah, maybe I breezed over that lol.  Well, I quit.    He said to come in and when I did they did an EKG.  You know the one with all the electrodes.   So---yeah that didn't end well.  From there they said I had an irregular ticker (heart).  So, I went to the cardiologist.  Who also said something just ain't adding up.  And then he dropped this bomb----have you ever been treated for lyme's disease?  The who and the what?????????  I aint got no lyme's disease.  Oh, apparently I do.    Well, apparently I do and have had it for a long time (my mom may be laughing right now, because she knows I don't know how to spell apparently). 

So, did you know if you have Lyme's it can spread to your heart and cause Lyme's Disease Infection of the Heart? I shit you not, google it.  No wait, I'll do it for you--- how considerate of me.  See, I wasn't lying. It's called Lyme's Carditis.  Well, I have that.  Ought oh.  I now have to wear this god awful heart monitor for 3 straight weeks.
So it shows up on my doorstep one day in this huge box and all I'm thinking is---WHAT THE HAM SAMWICH IS THIS!!!!  Well, it's a heart monitor duh, shouldn't I have known that at the ripe age of 26.

It comes in this box with more doodads and doohickies than I've ever seen 

  Did I mention god awful--look---
Let's say in the next three weeks I am not going to run into prince charming who sweeps me up in his arms.  He will probably think I am dying and rush to get me a wheel chair.  Stupid prince charming.

I can hide that big thing in my shirt, if I wear a shirt the size of what my grandma calls her house coat.  It kind of just sticks out and looks hideous.

Are you wondering why I am telling you this?  My mom told me I should blog about this because it sucks.  Sucks is an understatement.  So I want to give you some advice.

1. Always get second opinions--don't settle for the answer you think is right because how could a doctor be wrong. ---ie I have been told for 10 years I've had Lupus and some other things, when really it was Lyme's disease.
2.  Take care of yourself.  Eat healthy, work out, and find friends who will listen to your shit.
3. Get blood work often and make sure you're all good.  
4.  If you also have Lyme's read this blog my friend Val recommended to me : )'s Lyme Life

She's truly an inspiration. 

Lyme's disease isn't all feeling tired and worn out and bulls eyes. It spread to your heart. Which causes blockages.  Which they think is my deal right now.  Oh and don't think I am going to stop crossfitting.  I have this big old transmitter--ie see below!!!
I plan to tell one of my fellow crossfitters--Bob--it's a two way radio.  I'll have him talk into during the WOD and tell him only I can hear what he is saying.  I'll keep you updated on how long that lasts before he finds out my tom foolery.

So--keep following.  Unexpentantly, you just joined on to another journey with me.

Oh--gluten free pizzas and tofu noodles coming soon.  This week I am using Squash as my cooking inspiration!!!