Thursday, May 30, 2013

Your refrigerator----Why it's killing your diet and your wallet

           Okay so your New Year's Eve Resolution was to get in shape.  You get a gym membership, maybe a Crossfit gym membership (Crossfit 40 or Crossfit Solstice : )  And, you head the grocery store. You walk into the veggie aisle and something takes over--probably because it's always freezing in that section---and you buy 38 different kinds of vegetables, some you've never eaten (like fresh lima beans?) and 42 fruits,  some tropical or indigenous  to places like Cuba (like the apple-pear hybrid).
            So, you get home and load it all into the fridge.  Alas, you have no plan.  By Friday of the following week your fridge stinks and your cleaning it out resentful of those evil vegetables and fruits which have ruined your otherwise relaxing Sunday.    Your so overwhelmed with this disaster you end up going to the diner up the street and eating 3,000 Calorie Chicken Nachos (anyone who knows me knows this probably happened to me, because I love the diner's chicken nachos...the diner is gross too..but I don't care, I love them).

Here are some ways to avoid this...

       I cannot stress the importance of having a plan for the week and your meals. It's time consuming but it's so worth it!  If you go buying everything willy-nilly your A. wasting money B. Taking up valuable space in the super market for those of us who know what we want.
       Plan your meals for the week on what I call a neutral day.  To me neutral means a day where you already have a meal planned for that day, so nothing on your list is something you need immediately.   I plan my meals from Sunday-Sunday--with the exception of the weekend cheat meal (or 2 cheat meals).   But I factor in that cheat, maybe for a night I know I won't need dinner because I am going out to dinner.   Not that I cheat when I am going out to dinner, but I always factor it in because I like wine, and beer, and...the list goes on.
       Look up recipes---like on my blog (shameless plug for my blog), and write down the ingredients you will need for that week ONLY.  This will keep you from over spending, over shopping, and stinky rotten food in your refrigerator.

        Clean your fridge out once a week--and I am not saying throw away your leftovers from Christmas in July. I am saying get on your hand and knees and clean it with bleach.  Take everything out one shelf at a time and scrub.  Why do you suggest this crazy lady? is probably what you are saying to yourself (which makes you crazy if you are saying it outloud--to yourself).  One, it's nicer to look at--don't be the friend with the dirty fridge.  Two,  if you look in a clean fridge you can see EVERY single thing in it.  Including your leftover's from Olive Garden which you should have never eaten in the first place and need to throw away IMMEDIATELY.  Three, this will keep your weekly meals organized and keep you from misplacing ingredients for each meal.
       Lastly for me, sometimes I open my fridge just because it's clean.  I like the way it smells--which makes me more likely to cook.  If your fridge is a natural disaster zone I think your more likely to order out because nothing in it looks appetizing.   This might sound insane, but try it.

           Remember I said I'd talk about leftovers in a later blog. YAYYY IT'S TIME.    I admit it, I used to be a leftover hoarder.  Hi, my name is Elyse and I hoard leftovers.  

           See my problem was I'd think I'd eat it the next day for let's say lunch and lunch the next day would come and I'd be like ew no I'm done with that.  The problem always was it was just "okay" when I made it the first time so my mind tells me the second time won't fix anything.   So...we end up ordering something and wasting money and food.  In my case I'll have leftover chicken, won't like the way it smells (maybe I have ADD and a touch of OCD--no judgie), and I'll throw it away.
           My suggestion is to find friends who like to eat---I have about 6 and 4 of them are crossfitters.  I give my friends my leftovers I kind of liked.  Everyone is different so just because you weren't crazy about it doesn't mean someone else isn't.  At Crossfit Solstice there is always food in the fridge.  All of us girls make things and bring them for other girls or for the boys who can't or won't cook.  
           So, my suggestion to you is to come up with a network and share.  Let's say you make my Mexican Chicken and find it's not to your tastes--which makes you insane, but that's not my problemo----find friends who MIGHT like it and DON'T SAVE LEFTOVERS YOU WON'T EAT.  Give it to them and maybe they tweak it a little and BAM you love their version.  Just because you don't like mine doesn't mean you won't like someone else's cookin'.
           Your probably thinking why does it matter? Okay, here is my theory so bare (bear or bare?) with me.  If you keep 3 containers of leftovers of something you weren't crazy about your mind will believe in a couple weeks hey that wasn't so bad---I'll make it again. and BAM the cycle of spending money and wasting food begins again.  Also, if you order out you are more likely to order crap because "it has lettuce on the sandwich, it's healthy".

Mexican Chicken--BREAKFAST REMIX!

I told you I could make another meal out of that Mexican chicken! Remember the one I told you about yesterday? Well, I made that Tuesday.  If you are making it like me with three chicken breasts and it's just you eating you will have a gallon zip lock halfway full of leftovers.  I couldn't eat another lettuce wrap. Not that I didn't love them, but I have A.D.D maybe and I get bored easily.  Plus I have a thing about leftovers--we will discuss that in a later blog.

Maybe you're saying to yourself...CHICKEN FOR BREAKFAST?  Yeah, deal with it I'm doing it and it was awesome! And so filling.  All good Crossfitters know they need PROTEIN and this girl will take it anyway she can get it. 

So here is what you will need:
  1. 1 1/2 small white onion
  2. 6-8 Asparagus Stalks (or any veggie, but I had asparagus)
  3. 1 tsp olive oil
  4. Salt, pepper, chilli seasoning (if you like spice)
  5. left over Mexican Chicken (or really any shredded chicken would work?)
  6. 2 eggs
It would look like this:
So, the directions are so simple.  It's almost silly for me to number them out.  But, alas for my fans I will.  Aren't I so thoughtful?

1. Clean Asparagus and find the natural breaking part of the stem and snap the bottom off. Discard the bottom--unless you like chewing on something as hard as rocks.  I'm not judging if you do.  Dice onion into small julienne style.
2.  Heat a frying pan with 1 tsp oil.  Throw in 1/2 diced onion and asparagus.  Season with salt, pepper, and chilli spice. I used chilli spice because I wanted a little kick.  I'm a rebel without a cause.
It should look like this--unless you're not following directions!

3. If the pan gets dry add a little water, cover to steam. Remove cover to reduce.
 I made this the night before and refrigerated. I'll explain why later.
4.  Throw in however much leftover chicken you have, or can stand if you are on your third day of chicken like me.
5. Finally, crack two eggs over top.  It will look kind of weird--like this....
You can certainly crack them in a separate pan and cook, but I'm lazy, and it was 7:42am--I leave my house for work at 8:15am so I have no time to wash extra dishes!  You can even use a scrambled eggs and make like an omelet--but I HATE omelets--actually I dislike scrambled any kind of eggs.
6. Cover pan with a lid and let cook 3-6 minutes until they look poached. Like this kind of:


I actually ate this and was not hungry until 11:30, where usually I need my morning snack around 9:00am.  Use any chicken or vegetable, my point is EAT PROTEIN. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Clean Eating Mexican Chicken Lettuce Wraps

So...clean eating can suck.  I plan to make it so much better with realistic and delicious recipes.  They will also be designed to give you leftovers. All busy crossfitters know that time to make meals is limited--so leftovers are key! As long as you eat them.  I have a terrible habit of finding things weeks later.  Leftovers are something we will discuss in a later blog...I have a whole theory.

So, let’s talk about the crock pot.  I love the crock pot.  You can throw stuff in it the night before, plug it in, in the morning and BAMMMMM dinner when you get home from work.  Chicken in the crockpot is always awesome because it absolutely falls apart. People are like "This is amazing" and you are all like "I didn't have to do nothing!"  Well, if you talk like me that's how you would talk anyways.

So for this recipe you will need:

1. 3 Chicken Breasts (I buy the Tyson 3 pack, kind of expensive but like I said the chicken can be repeated and reused several times).
2. 1 Guacamole Packet (Mild or Spicy)
3. 1 Taco Packet (Mild or Spicy based on your preference)
4. One head Bib Lettuce
5. One tomato
6. One small yellow onion
7. One head cilantro
8. 1/2 cup cold water
9. Avocado (optional)


1. Place the 3 chicken breasts in the bottom of the crockpot.
2. Take 1/2 cup of water and mix in Guacamole packet and taco packet (It will be all chunky, that's okay it melts and dissolves once in the crockpot).
3. Pour mixture overtop of the chicken.
4. Let chicken cook on low for 6-8 hours. (I put in at 7am and it's done at 4:30pm when I get home)
5. Remove lid and turn crock pot off.  Use tongs to shred the chicken and mix in with the juices created by the taco and guacamole packet. It should look like this when it's done!!

6.  Let the chicken cool to room temperature.
7. While the chicken is cooling cut the tomato and onion julienne so it would fit nicely in a lettuce wrap.
Add cilantro to the mix and it will look like this:
8. Remove as many pieces of lettuce as you would like to make wraps. Wash and dry them thoroughly.
9. If you plan to add avocado you can make guacamole with a separate packet or you can dice the avocado.
10.  Lastly, add as much chicken as you would like to the wrap.  Add tomatoes, onions, and cilantro (and avocado) on top.    When eating wrap them up snuggly so you can take a bite.

They come out phenomenal!!

However, don't make for a first date.  They are so super messy.  Don't even make for a second date. Seriously, it's not flattering.

The chicken is very versatile so you can use it the next day in the same way or in a different way.  I didn't use the avocado for the first dinner, but plan to use it for the second time I eat it.  I also like the idea of mixing the chicken with tofu noodles, peppers, and onions like a Mexican stir fry.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's start from the begining...

So, my friend opened a crossfit gym, like I already said.  I was so scared to go because I heard Horror Stories.  I told someone, who shall remain nameless, how shit scared I was.  This persons response, via text message, was "Leave, it's not for you".  To which I responded, screw you.  So to all of your doubters, say screw you. Unless it's your boss.  That might result in a note on your desk requesting you clean out your desk and leave the premisses.

So I walked in the gym and was terrified. I couldn't even lift the 45 pound bar over my head. I was embarrassed.  And, after that I was in so much pain in my thighs from squats.  There was times during that first week where I considered peeing myself as opposed to having to sit down on the toilet because my legs hurt so bad.  I also had to run down the stairs because my legs stopped working and I had no breaks.

But...that was November. Today in May I can throw 95 pounds over my head and deadlift 250.  My advice to anyone who wants to try is GO HAM.  Just give it all you got and you will see progress.  For instance, I was like "pull up, whhhhatttt? I can't do that shit"  Now, I can do them without a band.  Sure, I struggle sometimes.  But, I need to keep pushing forward.  Thank god for my support system at the box.

So..let's talk about how this blog is going to work.  Every Thursday, at least, I will try to post 2 recipes from the week.  Now, these will be real people paleo recipes.  Sometimes I see a reciepe and I cannot even pronounce the ingredients.  Like, sorry love you Kate but Chia Seeds?  All I know about them is they are 1. Expensive as hell 2. You want me to make pudding with them.  These reciepes will include cheap ingredients you have in your home.  1. Because I keep it real 2. I also have a love of coupons.  I will also post throughout the week tips, trials and tribulations while on my journey,  and give everyone time to ask questions I may be able to answer.


From there to here....

So, let's talk about how I got here.  About 2 years ago I started my fitness journey after being on the Depoprovera shot (tmi?) and seeing a picture of myself where my face was so big you could have popped it with a pin.   So, I got a personal trainer and lost about 40 pounds.  Then, my friend opened a crossfit gym. I didn't know it then, but my life would change forever.  I talk about it, I think about it, I text about it, and I sometimes dream about it (weird..I know).  But, I have not fully committed myself to being a beast, but today I will.  I am creating this blog so whomever reads it can hold me accountable for what I do, eat, and exercise. 

Let's talk about the name of my blog.  I named it the Unexpected Crossfitter because I am by no means in the peak of healthy athletic shape.  I have muscles, don't get me wrong,  they are just hidden well under a layer of chub.  I prefer chub because fat seems too permanent.  Atleast chub makes me sound cute.   I can beast and throw some weights around, but my definition is way off.  I wanted to create this blog so anyone interested in crossfit believes they too can do it, even if they don't look like a Wodshop Model.   I want people to be inspired to get out and do something...and I want people to push me when I don't feel like it.

So stayed tuned..I'll talk crossfit, recipes, and the stressors which cause everyone to drink and over indulge.  I have some great friends who are pushing me through and I hope that when in 365 I can post a picture of the new, healthier me.