Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's start from the begining...

So, my friend opened a crossfit gym, like I already said.  I was so scared to go because I heard Horror Stories.  I told someone, who shall remain nameless, how shit scared I was.  This persons response, via text message, was "Leave, it's not for you".  To which I responded, screw you.  So to all of your doubters, say screw you. Unless it's your boss.  That might result in a note on your desk requesting you clean out your desk and leave the premisses.

So I walked in the gym and was terrified. I couldn't even lift the 45 pound bar over my head. I was embarrassed.  And, after that I was in so much pain in my thighs from squats.  There was times during that first week where I considered peeing myself as opposed to having to sit down on the toilet because my legs hurt so bad.  I also had to run down the stairs because my legs stopped working and I had no breaks.

But...that was November. Today in May I can throw 95 pounds over my head and deadlift 250.  My advice to anyone who wants to try is GO HAM.  Just give it all you got and you will see progress.  For instance, I was like "pull up, whhhhatttt? I can't do that shit"  Now, I can do them without a band.  Sure, I struggle sometimes.  But, I need to keep pushing forward.  Thank god for my support system at the box.

So..let's talk about how this blog is going to work.  Every Thursday, at least, I will try to post 2 recipes from the week.  Now, these will be real people paleo recipes.  Sometimes I see a reciepe and I cannot even pronounce the ingredients.  Like, sorry love you Kate but Chia Seeds?  All I know about them is they are 1. Expensive as hell 2. You want me to make pudding with them.  These reciepes will include cheap ingredients you have in your home.  1. Because I keep it real 2. I also have a love of coupons.  I will also post throughout the week tips, trials and tribulations while on my journey,  and give everyone time to ask questions I may be able to answer.