Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mexican Chicken--BREAKFAST REMIX!

I told you I could make another meal out of that Mexican chicken! Remember the one I told you about yesterday? Well, I made that Tuesday.  If you are making it like me with three chicken breasts and it's just you eating you will have a gallon zip lock halfway full of leftovers.  I couldn't eat another lettuce wrap. Not that I didn't love them, but I have A.D.D maybe and I get bored easily.  Plus I have a thing about leftovers--we will discuss that in a later blog.

Maybe you're saying to yourself...CHICKEN FOR BREAKFAST?  Yeah, deal with it I'm doing it and it was awesome! And so filling.  All good Crossfitters know they need PROTEIN and this girl will take it anyway she can get it. 

So here is what you will need:
  1. 1 1/2 small white onion
  2. 6-8 Asparagus Stalks (or any veggie, but I had asparagus)
  3. 1 tsp olive oil
  4. Salt, pepper, chilli seasoning (if you like spice)
  5. left over Mexican Chicken (or really any shredded chicken would work?)
  6. 2 eggs
It would look like this:
So, the directions are so simple.  It's almost silly for me to number them out.  But, alas for my fans I will.  Aren't I so thoughtful?

1. Clean Asparagus and find the natural breaking part of the stem and snap the bottom off. Discard the bottom--unless you like chewing on something as hard as rocks.  I'm not judging if you do.  Dice onion into small julienne style.
2.  Heat a frying pan with 1 tsp oil.  Throw in 1/2 diced onion and asparagus.  Season with salt, pepper, and chilli spice. I used chilli spice because I wanted a little kick.  I'm a rebel without a cause.
It should look like this--unless you're not following directions!

3. If the pan gets dry add a little water, cover to steam. Remove cover to reduce.
 I made this the night before and refrigerated. I'll explain why later.
4.  Throw in however much leftover chicken you have, or can stand if you are on your third day of chicken like me.
5. Finally, crack two eggs over top.  It will look kind of weird--like this....
You can certainly crack them in a separate pan and cook, but I'm lazy, and it was 7:42am--I leave my house for work at 8:15am so I have no time to wash extra dishes!  You can even use a scrambled eggs and make like an omelet--but I HATE omelets--actually I dislike scrambled any kind of eggs.
6. Cover pan with a lid and let cook 3-6 minutes until they look poached. Like this kind of:


I actually ate this and was not hungry until 11:30, where usually I need my morning snack around 9:00am.  Use any chicken or vegetable, my point is EAT PROTEIN.