Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Challenge, a New Outlook

So, I won't be sharing any recieps anytime soon : (.  Why you might be asking yourself?  In my mind your saying "BUT WHY ELYSE, WHY!!!!! GOD HELP US".  Maybe not, but that's okay.

With my two best friends I've embarked on a three week long challenge.  The  challenge is hosted by someone named ---Jill Berardelli Vadala
That should link you right to her facebook if you'd like to learn more.

So basically with a couple of suggestions from us she designed a meal plan for each of us.

Pros : ):
1. Love the portion control
2. Love the ability to pre-prep so there is no need to worry when you need a meal
3. Love the simiplicity of it--for now.
4. Money saving---not a lot of flim flam and expensive ingredients.
5. Eat every two hours so your never starving and over indulging.

Cons : (:
1. Looks like after day 5 it will get a little boring, so it's the same exact meal every single day.
2. Little to no seasoning on meats--little to no flavor.
3.  Little room for creativity with your meals--which you know especially is killing me.

I love the farm market--cheap and good vegetables in bulk.  You cannot beat that.  Also, summer is a perfect time to buy and prepare vegetables, so this challenge came at the perfect time.  Check out your local farm market for some fresh new ideas:
Check out my powerade--that was pre-challenge and was used to help my hangover.  For the next three weeks there will also be no alcohol consumption--which is beneficial I think. Also--there is no more powerade or energy drinks allowed.

So, I love preprepping the meals. My food scale is my new BFF--SORRY PEEPS!  I did all my prep work yesterday and was super excited.

Here we have everything perfectly proportioned and ready for the fridge or freezer.  I have 4 ounce bags of chicken, 4 ounce bags of steak,and 1 cup bags of broccoli and mixed peppers.  Meat went into the fridge and the vegetables went into the fridge.  I also made 4 bags of rice that contain one half cup each.

This morning I prepared all of my dinners for Monday-Thursday.  My dinner consists of 4 ounces of chicken, 1 4-6 ounce sweet potato, and 1 cup of broccoli.  The broccoli I will steam for each day.  This morning I roasted a 7 lb chicken to yield all of chicken for the week--which I think was much easier then breaking into my frozen 4 ounce supplies.

Okay, remember I said there was limited seasoning? I wasn't kidding.  This chicken has pepper, red pepper flakes, onion powder and garlic powder.  No salt--so it's a little bland.  Thank goodness the  sweetness of the potato breaks up the blandness of the chicken. 

Also remember me saying there is little room for creativity?  This looks like by Thursday I will be more than ready to switch up my protein.  I can also eat fish or steak--so def by Thursday I'll be ready to make both!

This is my lunch!!
Not the best thing I've ever made.  Here we have: 4 ounces of chicken, one cup of mixed peppers, and 1/2 cup of brown rice. Again--little to no seasoning so it was pretty bland.

My snacks aren't bad at all!  Between meals I either have an Almond Milk Protein Shake, grapefruit, or greek yogurt with protein powder. Not too too bad---I am enjoying my shake right now

So, stick with me. I will update you throughout the week on how it goes.  Also, tell me what you'd like me to blog about, since it won't really be recipes.  I definitely am going to be sharing my funny dating horror stories with you this week too--stay tuned--I am confessing to being a serial dater.